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A real beam, weight, yardage

You get how much you buy - what does it mean?

When we sit down online, we often prepare to find an opportunity or promotion that will save us some money and time, and at the same time use the maximum purchased resources like shopping at a stationary store. Often, however, it does not look so good and here is once again the theory is not practice, because we are not always satisfied with the quality of purchased goods. In this situation, we want to return the unsuccessful purchases as soon as possible, and after a positive consideration, get our cash back. However, online stores may postpone the refund of up to 14 business days before making a return transfer. While waiting for the return you are wasting your time.

Net weight of stretch film

The most common reasons for withdrawing from a distance shopping contract, that is shopping online, is not to be satisfied with the quality of the purchased items. In order to meet such practices, the ZingPack online store offers high-quality materials with tested and tested properties in practice. All parameters of our products are authentic. Customers buying foil with us are informed about the purchase price per kilo of film counted without a thimble, i.e. a tube, on which the foil is wound. This information can be found on the item card at the parameter: Net weight of film [kg] . Customers browsing the offers found on the most popular auction site in Poland are often surprised by the price offered and make purchases, thinking that such a bargain price may not be repeated again. Unfortunately, the huge number of offers with an "opportunity" concerns the weight of the stretch film counted along with the weight of the thimble. We even met with a case in the market, where the calimera itself weighed 0.8 kilogram! The offer concerned 3kg stretch film. The real amount that the customer bought was easy to calculate is 2.2 kilograms. By dividing the final purchase price by the weight of the film, he received a price which he was completely unsatisfied with, the quality of the product significantly deviates from the accepted standards. Such unfair practices are a mere fraud. There are no such situations in the ZingPack online store. Each customer may receive, on request, a technical data sheet certifying the authenticity of the parameters. With the weight you can also weigh the film provided by the shop yourself and find out about the authenticity and honesty of the zingpack.com.pl store.

Meters ≠ yards

Another dishonest practice is the deliberate substitution of individuals who are not equal in order to mislead the buyer who thinks he has made a bargain purchase. To avoid this, always pay attention to the unit of measurement provided by the supplier! Usually for adhesive tapes, two units of length of meters and yards are given: The most common, adopted standard of adhesive tapes among manufacturers is a 60-meter beam [m] corresponding to 66 yards [yd] for hand wrapping tapes and 990 meters for machine belts.

Often, however, we can meet the value given only in yards or a value like in meters, e.g. 60 yards instead of 60 meters, which in practice means 54 meters. Buying a 60-yard-long tape we get only 54 meters, often with the conviction that we are purchasing a full-value product. 6 meters with small purchases is virtually unnoticeable, but if someone buys up to 100 rolls a month, then the value increases after multiplication to 600 meters, that is 10 standard rolls of tape!

A similar situation can happen to us when purchasing a bubble wrap. This common protection material, also used as a filler, can be purchased in rolls with a different thread. Often, however, the larger the beam, the greater the fraud. The sellers using the low likelihood of checking the real length of the film by their clients after the purchase, instead of the declared 100 meters, sell a 70-80 meter real bubble wrap. Unfortunately, buyers tempted with "bargain" price can easily be fooled and in the unconscious repetition of shopping in a place where they are cheated. In the online store ZingPack.com.pl the tolerance of the beam length is 2%. This means that the beam can be at least 98 meters long and up to 102 meters long. By purchasing at ZINGpack.com.pl you are guaranteed a fair offer based only on full-value products.

Why are we so sure about what we sell? Because we offer products of high and stable quality by building an offer on stable ground. We are sure of your and your suppliers.

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